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What Makes a JDM Car?

Anyone who has any interest in the automotive scene has likely seen the Fast & Furious series of movies and if by chance you’ve been living under a rock and somehow haven’t, you should stop what you are doing and go watch all of them right now! One of the biggest things to come out of these movies was a renewed interest in car culture and more specifically, the JDM world of cars. While it is often up for debate and one of the more confusing topics in car culture, the JDM world is by far the most expansive and one of the most popular segments of the automotive industry, with fans across the world, from Japan, to Europe, the US, South America and everywhere in between. According to the team at JDM Engine World, the best place to buy JDM engines NYC has to offer, when those with a surface knowledge of the automotive industry hear the term JDM, they often think of vehicles like the NIssan Skyline GT-R, or the Toyota Supra, drifting corners and blaring down the roads of one of the Japan’s super highways and this is a pretty good idea of what the world is all about actually. And while this will give you a pretty good idea of what is what in the JDM world, there is still a lot that needs to be known about JDM cars. In this article, we will be going over the term JDM, what it means and why these cars are so popular in the automotive industry.

The Meaning of JDM
Its important to understand what JDM means exactly before delving any deeper into things. And even still, there is so much debate and so many different opinions on the subject, it truly is difficult to pin down an exact meaning for this segment of vehicles. According to the team at JDM Engine World, the best place to buy used engines NYC has to offer, JDM refers to any vehicle that was produced for the Japanese domestic vehicle market. The Japanese domestic vehicle market is understood as people buying cars in Japan that are to be used on Japanese roads. So when an individual from Tokyo visits a Toyota dealership, and will be buying a new car to drive to school, work or for a trip to the grocery store with family – this is essentially what a Japanese domestic motor vehicle entails. According to the team at JDM Engine World, the best place to buy JDM car parts NYC has to offer, some misinformation is that JDM refers to any car that’s been produced in Japan, which is incorrect, JDM specifically refers to a vehicle that was produced with the intent of being sold in Japan, and not outside of the country in the US as is the case with many vehicles.

All Japanese Vehicles are Not JDM
One thing you should know about JDM cars is that not every Japanese vehicle is a JDM, as we mentioned above, and this is an important point to drive home! Your mom driving her Toyota Sienna van or the Uber driver who picked you up in his Camry isn’t part of the club, sorry to say. According to the team at JDM Engine World, the best place to buy used engines NYC has to offer, there are many Japanese cars that have been manufactured specifically for other markets like the US or Europe. Just because your car is made in Japan, does not make it a JDM – it has to be a spec or model that was intended to be used in Japan only. One of the best examples of this, is a favorite of many motorheads, the Toyota Supra MKIV, a sporty car that was available in the US with left hand drive, and other specifications to go with US law. This made it a Japanese manufactured vehicle designed to be sold new in the US market, making it whats known as a USDM according to the team at JDM Engine World, the best place to buy JDM engines NYC has to offer. In contrast, the Toyota Supra mkIV is a vehicle that was produced new for the Japanese domestic market – the JDM version having an array of differences to the US version including left versus right hand drive. One glaring example was the fact that the JDM Supra was electronically limited to 180 km/h, in order to comply with the Japanese safety standards of the time it was produced. For more information on JDM cars, and to purchase JDM parts NYC car enthusiasts should definitely check out JDM Engine World today.

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