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01 02 03 04 05 JDM Honda Civic EX 1.7L SOHC FWD SLXA Automatic Transmission

Parts Included on Complete Honda Civic 1.7L Automatic Transmission

Complete Transmission ONLY (with Accessories attached directly to the transmission)

This TRANSMISSION was removed from a JDM Honda Civic 1.7L & imported directly to us with roughly 45K-55K miles on it.

Please keep in mind this transmission is off a JDM Honda Civic in Japan and interchangeable with U.S. Honda Civic 1.7L as well as other YEARS & MODELS. Please CONFIRM that the gear shifter in your car has 6 (SIX) Position (Including PARK) in order to make this transmission work for your vehicle and your MECHANIC prior to placing your order.

If you would like ACTUAL pictures of this transmission, please contact us for this.

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